CILO Great Charity Challenge

CILO finished in 5th place receiving $70,000!!

What an amazing evening and a phenomenal event!!



Thank you so much to our sponsors:

Rock Ridge Farms & Canadian Pacific Railway

Thank you to our riders:

Gigi Moynihan, Andrea Towriss, and Simon McCarthy


And A HUGE THANKS to the Great Charity Challenge for organizing such a fantastic event sponsored by Fidelity Investments! HEROES, was a perfect theme. Our agency was chosen to represent grocery store workers that have been an essential part of keeping normalcy during the pandemic. They are true HEROES!

Our staff reps:

CILO’s GCC coordinator, Darlene Williamson, who put together our lovely sponsor table decor, conducted the meet & greet, and handled all of the leg work leading up to the big event including attending with our other staff rep, Susan Carberry! A thank you also to our staff, Janyce Gonzalez & Elizabeth Corsi, for their décor and design assistance with our tablescapes & sponsor gifts! Way to go ladies!!! ����