October 2018

   PB’s husband kicked her and broke her tailbone because he didn’t approve of her religion. PB was then hospitalized, became homeless and had to give up both of her beloved dogs. William Genem got her a restraining order, recovered her pups and arranged for housing and utilities. Now she is safe, living independently and worshipping as she pleases.

   MH couldn’t get into her own home. With her cane, the one step up and over the threshold was a constant barrier. Joe Anderson arranged for financial assistance from CILO to pay a contractor to build and install a step. (below) MH also was hungry so Joe gave her food from the CILO pantry and signed her up for food stamps.

   Kim Pastrana represented CILO at the Post-Secondary Transition Open House at Palm Beach State College where explained our services to parents and networked with other agencies. (below)

   Michele Sanz presented on human trafficking to girls at a workshop for Project Lift.

   Tanya Meade delivered a personal and internet safety presentation to middle school students at a school and identified and made referrals for assistance to several victims of bullying, theft, and teen dating violence.

     There is nothing that speaks to a job well done more than a word of mouth referral. A client recommended CF’s family call Shannon Pretorius when it became obvious the kindergartener needed an advocate in order to get appropriate school supports. At the latest meeting Shannon attended, the mom said, “I don’t know how families do this without you. You are an amazing resource of knowledge and advocate for CF. You are like my security blanket. I feel so much better about these difficult meetings because you are here.”

   Terry Roth learned of a developmentally disabled man, who also was a victim of sexual assault and was living in an unfurnished apartment. In a day Terry furnished the living room and dining room and with a week found a bedroom set with help from Brandy Macaluso and therapist Carolyn Hellmann. Other resources were arranged including counseling for the man and his roommate who witnessed the assault.

   Libby Snider worked with law enforcement and got another abuser arrested. She also facilitated CILO service presentations and personal safety classes in Indiantown and Stuart with the state attorney advocate. Approximately 100 students attended over 3 days. (below)

   Brandy Macaluso and William Genem attended a 2-hour deposition with a victim’s mother for a child under 10 who was sexually assaulted by the mother’s fiancé for 10 months. She was asked questions by 2 defense attorneys over the span of 2 hours. Afterward, Brandy sat with her and provided support and counseling until she was ready to leave. She called Brandy later and thanked her and William for being in her corner.

    Irene Sirois applied for and got CG a videophone (below) so she could receive American Sign Language instruction 1:1 from her home and be able to interact with other agencies.