March 2019

      Brandy Macaluso received an email referral regarding a young man with disabilities who wanted to purchase a condo in Century Village. He has savings, SSDI income and a paying job. He contacted a realtor and was told banks will not make loans to “someone like him.” Brandy told him this was outright discrimination and offered CILO advocates to assist. Brandy also reached out to a local mortgage agency she knew to confirm about banks not lending to people with disabilities, and they were just as outraged about the realtor’s response. They offered to work with the man to complete the forms and link him with a realtor that would help him regardless of his disability.

Staff's socialization group met at the Busch Wildlife Sanctuary and was able  to get close with some of the wild animals.        

       Amber Lott’s socialization group (right) met at the Busch Wildlife Sanctuary and got a chance to take a private tour, ask questions about the animals and get up close and personal with a baby gator, skunk and hawk. Everyone had a great time even though it was a little rainy that day. 


       Since Rachel Bass taught him American Sign Language, a student is more confident and is communicating much better. His father is very pleased that his son is describing his needs more effectively and is more social with his increased ASL vocabulary.

       Shannon Pretorius was approached by the director of a school for students with Autism, asking if Shannon would present to a group of parents about building trusting relationships between school and home. She created a presentation and delivered it in March. Parents and teachers were engaged and participated and asked questions afterward. 

     Staff presenting a peer support presentation for the adult education program for Martin County School District!   

        Libby Snider presented a peer support presentation in Spanish on boundaries and healthy relationships for the adult education program for Martin County School District (left). 


       After their daughter was sexually assaulted, a family reached out to Ana Pacheco because they didn’t know how to help their daughter who was distancing herself. Ana learned months had passed and the family knew nothing of what was going on with the case. After numerous calls, CILO staff extracted updates from the detective and State Attorney’s Office and shared with the relieved family. Ana will continue to assist the girl and family as long as needed. 

       With Darlene Williamson’s help, a middle school student advocated for himself and was placed in his favorite elective class – technology. 

        Brianna Scerenscko helped the family of a 6-year-old with ADHD and Sensory Processing Disorder obtain a behavior chart to encourage the child to exhibit positive behavior in the classroom. She attended two meetings with the family and advocated for a way to more effectively encourage the child to exhibit positive behavior throughout the school day. As a result, the teacher is implementing a behavior management system. “Thank you for walking through this process with us,” said the mother. “You’re great! We really appreciate all your help.”

        A girl was held at gunpoint by an acquaintance, and now she and her family are very afraid of him. Libby Snider found them counseling services. The perpetrator was arrested, and the court proceedings have begun. Libby has explained the legal process and will be attending court with the family.

 Consumer receiving his certificate of completion from the Hospitality Training Program of the Palm Beaches from Career Source!     

       Thanks to Irene Sirois the man at the right received his certificate of completion after 12 weeks of The Hospitality Training Program of the Palm Beaches from Career Source. Now he is working as a full-time in the laundry at the Four Seasons Resort Hotel in Palm Beach.


       In collaboration with the Human Trafficking Coalition of the Palm Beaches, Tanya Meade delivered a training on personal safety and teen dating violence to 500+ students over 6 days. Many victims came forward and were connected with assistance. Tanya also delivered several disability sensitivity and CILO services trainings to some of our grant partners and their staff, resulting in referrals to CILO.

       One of Terry Roth’s elderly clients had a toilet that didn’t work, a leak under her kitchen sink and needed a new hot water heater. Terry got two repair estimates and forwarded them to a local agency to help with funding.

       Michele Sanz and intern Becky Baum represented CILO at the Treasure Coast Down Syndrome Awareness Group's Annual Buddy Walk on Saturday, March 23rd (below). Many people participated and then stopped by the CILO table to talk about the services available to them. Several connections were made with other agencies at the event as well. 

Staff and intern representing CILO at the Treasure Coast Down Syndrome Awareness Group's Annual Buddy Walk!

         William Genem received a call from a victim of uninformed HIV infected sexual intercourse. In the past the victim had received assistance from CILO in getting a restraining order against her former abusive boyfriend. William helped her get a restraining order as well as several other services related to her victimization. Several months after that, the woman told William her abuser was telling people that he did not care about the restraining order because he was HIV positive and had been unprotected and sexually active with her without telling her he was infected. When she heard this, she contacted some of her abuser’s previous partners, and they were all HIV positive. William immediately contacted Lisa Spinello at Victim Services and arranged to get an HIV test done ASAP. Thankfully after a couple of days, the client’s results came in and revealed she did not have HIV. She also met with one of the advocates at Victim Services and plans on filing charges against the man. The woman thanks CILO for guiding her and helping her through this difficult time. 

          A 67-year-old man contacted Joe Anderson because his electric bicycle was broken preventing him from getting to the grocery store and socializing in his neighborhood. CILO purchase a battery and cargo basket and also assisted the client with signing up for Transportation Disadvantaged rides in Martin County so he can get out more and participate in some other types of activities outside of his neighborhood.

          Maryann Whims, our new information & referral specialist, has taken over our Facebook event postings and is getting the word out about CILO’s important events. She has listed and pre-scheduled almost 30 events. Furthermore, she is working on making our website more accessible.

     A picture of CILO's logo.   Tony G.’s Social Security benefit was suspended because he was hospitalized and didn’t respond to SSA requests. Susan Carberry set up a call with SSA then gathered records from the nurses’ station to establish his dates of hospitalization and sent them to SSA. Now the suspension will be lifted as soon as he is discharged from Renaissance Health Center and he’ll receive his full benefit when he arrives home.