June 2018

      Rene Favreau and staff gave food to 100 families during June, including 16 new recipients. 205 families this year. And, just in time for summer, we’re giving away mosquito repellent.

  Michele Sanz and military veteran volunteer Emilio Sanz participated in a fundraiser at the Summer Crush Winery in Fort Pierce. There was a fantastic turn-out and $450 was collected. Plus, Michele spoke to many of the attendees about CILO services and gave out numerous pamphlets. (Below)

     MA, 52, contacted Joe Anderson about his need for a power wheelchair. He has MS and his current chair is inoperable and can’t be repaired. Through CILO’s loan closet, MA received the power chair he needed.

     Libby Snider was asked to help a victim of aggravated assault by her husband. He broke a bottle over her head and then punched her in the face causing bruises and requiring stitches. Libby obtained a restraining order and then a judge gave her 100% custody of their child and rights to the residence. Libby then referred her to a partner agency to help her with divorce proceedings in which Libby will continue to support her.

   William, intern Amber Franklin, and intern Merieme Amrouss hosted CILO’s Mulligan’s Beach House fundraiser at their Lake Worth Location. The theme for the evening was Beach Party. They provided outreach materials and auctioned off a basket at the event. (below)

   William Genem received a referral for a victim who had been beaten blind and deaf on the right side of her head, and had been left with severe brain trauma. She had to have emergency eye surgery due to pressure and swelling. William assisted the woman in gathering all evidence and filed for an injunction for protection against domestic violence. The woman received a temporary injunction and a hearing date. Then William made a referral for legal aid and got the victim legal representation. The woman was granted a 3-year injunction for protection.

   Susan Carberry trained local attorneys on Social Security and CILO services. Their clients are mostly poor and disabled people, so they will be a very good source of referrals for the agency.

   Terry Roth referred a victim of domestic abuse to Safe Space for an injunction, the Orlando Center for Justice for immigration assistance, Florida Rural Legal Services for other legal help and to local food resources. The client was grateful and should get approved for her injunction.

   Tanya Meade delivered our disability, sensitivity, laws, and services presentation to 44 individuals, including attorneys, legal services staff, domestic violence shelter advocates, substance abuse recovery program staff and community partners at other area agencies, which resulted in an increase in referrals to our Victim Services department.

   Some client supports require minimal interaction, but the impact of that interaction is long-lasting and powerful. Shannon Pretorius received a call from a grandparent in St. Lucie County who works 2 jobs and is raising 4 of her grandchildren. One of the children, T.L., has difficulty managing his behavior in unstructured settings. Having him home all day during the summer was difficult. Shannon helped enroll T.L. in a summer camp that provided the structure he needed and gave his grandmother the break that she required. T.L.’s grandmother was elated for the support and was even able to receive a camp scholarship.

    Brandy Macaluso was contacted by a local agency regarding clarification of service animals versus emotional support animals under state and federal law. The homeless drop-in program in the Treasure Coast serves hot meals to many individuals, one such individual advised he had an emotional support animal, however, the animal constantly barks and without provocation, has started lunging and nipping at other program participants. They wanted to make sure that they could address the situation while following the laws. Brandy provided them with the statute information to make sure they lawfully asked the right questions and did not violate the person’s civil rights.

   Brianna Scerenscko has joined the Coalition for Independent Living Options, as an Advocacy and Independent Living Skills Specialist serving the Treasure Coast. Brianna looks forward to the opportunity to assist consumers with their education and independent living advocacy needs. Brianna is a graduate of Flagler College and has a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary and Special Education. She also obtained her Master’s degree in Reading Education from Southeastern University.  Her teaching experience includes both special education and general education, and she has taught students from preschool through high school.  Having a disability herself, she understands the needs of students and adults with disabilities and looks forward to working with students, adults, and their families to help them self-advocate and reach their goals.  (below)

   Darlene Williamson has been advocating for special education services and appropriate placement for two children. After the parents filed for a due process hearing, Darlene advocated at resolution meetings, and an agreement was reached.

   Irene Sirois is teaching sign language to 8 clients.

   Students play a game to encourage socialization and interpersonal skills at the ALERT Summer Camp. (below)