August Success Stories

Janyce Gonzalez fed 126 people during August. Her new intern Kaitlyn Painter has been a huge help in getting food packaged for delivery! 

A mother and her teen daughter needed affordable housing and other resources to help them build a new life away from their domestic violence abuser. Terry Burke provided a list of affordable housing in their area and referred them to Life Builders, which assists with security deposits. A list of food pantries also was provided. Terry is still trying to obtain more financial assistance along with age appropriate resources for the 15-year-old. Emotional support was provided to the mother.

Ann Koebe is working with a parent of a student who received services during his preschool years under the developmentally disabled (DD) category. The parents said this was due to the child not talking during his preschool years. Upon dismissal from the DD program the school found him eligible for speech assistance only. The parents requested CILO intervene in getting the student the supports and services he needs to be successful in school. Ann thinks the student fell through the cracks and was overlooked for services. The boy was tested in 2014 and it appears that this eligibility and review of 2014 testing did not occur until 2019! In the meantime, the student has been retained and struggled continually academically. 

Amber Lott has been trying to acquire housing for a client since May. The woman has been living in a hotel since February of 2019 due to several delays with the housing authority. She was finally cleared to move-in with the use of the FIND and Cares funding and was very thankful

YT was a victim of of domestic violence by her ex-partner. Even though she has taken the steps to leave him, he still sought to manipulate her through their children. She was  suffering emotionally for years of continued physical abuse and manipulation. Then she reached out to CILO for assistance. Libby Snider got her a direct referral to Legacy for therapy and also referred her to Florida Rural Service for assistance  with custody matters. YT called Libby to let her know how much this assistance had meant to her. She has met with the therapist and is doing much better.

Laura Cusack was invited to participate on a panel discussion on human trafficking on August 25th. The event was geared toward teens and hosted by Palm Beach County Victim's Services. Fourteen youth and parents attended this informative event! 

After facilitating a virtual support group on How to Cope with Anxiety, Michele Sanz reached out to a participant who requested more information. After speaking to her for some time about her son, who has autism and suffers from anxiety, the woman said she found the group very informative and that it gave her hope for her son. She said she was very grateful that Michele took the time to reach out to her and talk to her regarding her son, and for providing her with more tools for coping with anxiety.

Clayton Lawson advocated for a client with autism. His mother was concerned about how her son's IEP will ensure he will get the accommodations he needs virtually because he struggles with problem-solving. At the IEP meeting, Clayton advocated for using a Rubik's cube during OT therapy sessions to promote self-independence and diversify the therapy methods being used. 

Susan Carberry received a favorable decision for an SSI claim from the judge presiding over a Social Security case after a federal appeal and 2 hearings. The client is 12 and has multiple mental health disabilities. The benefits will help his family meet his many needs. 

In August, Darlene Williamson worked  with a parent who is Deaf to coordinate a request for accommodations for the parent to assist in this year's virtual learning. Darlene also collected and provided school supplies to defray the cost of back-to-school expenses for the family.

Ana Pacheco received a referral regarding a victim of DUI who was left paralyzed. Ana helped her with food pantry services, a shower chair, and a hospital bed. The victim has a long recovery ahead and is thankful for CILO's assistance.

ML, 58 contacted Joe Anderson about his need for a walker to be mobile indoors and make it easier to walk to and from the mailbox. Through our Loan Closet Program, CILO provided a rollator walker to ML. Joe also assisted ML with requesting coverage and submitting paperwork to his insurance company to have nutritional drinks covered. ML can't eat solid food the majority of the time and relies on the "shakes" for adequate nutrition.

Susan Carberry received approval for a client to receive SSDI benefit. He has mental health disabilities and was very afraid that he wouldn't be able to afford his Medicare co-payment. Susan made a referral to Rebecca Jonguitud for an application for the QMB Medicare waiver. He was processed and approved within 2 days for the waiver of the $145 Medicare premium.

L.H. referred to CILO after needing help getting dental work after her abuser had knocked out her teeth. We assisted financially, and she began to feel more confident with her smile repaired. She also faced losing her home so Amber Faulhaber linked her with an agency offering grants to help elders. Amber helped her fill out the application online, and she was approved immediately. She paid her homeowner insurance bill and is now working on budgeting now that she is not stressed with financial burdens. 

For the month of August, Klaudia Glavan wrapped up all three summer programs--VR, ALERT, and VISION CSC camp. She enrolled 7 new ALERT students to join the after-school program. As ALERT transitions from summer hours to after-school hours, Klaudia is transitioning with the program and preparing for our upcoming Thanksgiving and Winter camps!