Youth Service Aide

Essential Qualifications:

  • Background in recreation, human services, education or health care
  • Minimum of 2 years experience with individuals with various disabilities
  • Ability to physically assist with toileting, feeding, changing, etc. as needed
  • Cultural sensitivity
  • Training in CPR, first aid, lifting and personal assistance
  • Ability to communicate and listen to information in a non-judgmental manner
  • Ability to watch and head up a large group of teens in order to keep them safe 
  • Understanding of human sexuality, child and adolescent development
  • Personal experience with a disability preferred

Essential Responsibilities:

  • Promote the Independent Living Philosophy
  • Reports directly to the Coordinator of Youth Services who assigns tasks
  • Engage youth in various interactive activities during the program time
  • Observe safety rules and provide continuous supervision of youth
  • To use and teach creative problem solving skills
  • To assist with feeding, toileting and other daily living activities as needed
  • Provide training on curriculum as assigned
  • Establish a rapport with youth and community collaborators
  • Encourage the development of decision making skills, independent living skills, Leisure activities in the community and support positive self-esteem with consumers
  • Adhere to principles of confidentiality
  • Input data
  • Other duties as assigned
  • Adhere to the CILO policy and procedures manual


Reports directly to Coordinator of Youth Services. Reasonable accommodations where appropriate.

Send resume and cover letter by email to Dan Shorter, CEO at E-mail only. No phone calls.